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I started my professional journey in the field of health and wellbeing in 2001, when I started and completed 2 years of a university degree in Naturopathy.This reignited my passion for the scientific approach to investigation and enquiry. It was during this time I also became a qualified masseuse.

This degree wasn't  the best fit though, so I changed direction and studied a degree in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Oriental Psychology and this guides the way I look at life and my style of working with my clients. After my graduation I did a one year apprenticeship with my teacher and mentor which really helped hone my coaching skills. I set up and ran my own practice for a couple of years before also studying and attaining my Cert iii and iv in personal training and fitness. I was looking at becoming a one stop shop for health and wellbeing.

At this time I secured a contract on a health retreat to ply all my skills; massage, personal training and Chinese medicine. The retreat specifically dealt with Stress, Anxiety and Depression as well as drug and alcohol addiction. I studied their particular method of coaching with the Mentoring Institute and received a cert in RealLife Coaching. I worked on or with the retreat for 10 years in which time I became the Senior Coach, I became the Coach Trainer and helped write the Coaching Programs and Training Programs. During this period I also gained my Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification in NLP, studied Journey therapy, and other coaching modalities.

After I left the retreat, I helped a colleague run health retreats in Bali, once again specialising in Stress, Anxiety and Depression. 

I am currently working in mental health dealing with Autism, Intellectual disability and schizophrenia, whilst studying for my second degree in Psychological Sciences at Deakin Uni.

For more information about my professional and personal life check out the A.D.O.M.O.M blog above.

Now I am back in private practice sharing my wisdom and knowledge on how to create more peace, power and purpose in your life. For more information on the services I provide check out my services page.


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    Online Event, Webinar.
    Uncover the cause of all your stress, create your path to peace, power and purpose, and walk into the world as a Warrior Of Wisdom.


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